Transfer Instructions for Mutual Funds

Gifts of mutual funds will be processed through Mellon Global Securities Services. Unlike DTC-eligible securities that may be exchanged almost instantaneously between two legal entities, transferring ownership of a mutual fund is a slow and manual process. The re-registration time varies from fund to fund and can take as long as six-to-eight weeks.

The donor should notify the delivering Mutual Fund Company and the Virginia Tech Foundation of their intention to make a gift of a mutual fund. The Mutual Fund Gift Processing Form serves as instructions for the delivering Mutual Fund Company and as notification to the Virginia Tech Foundation. The Gift Detail section of this form should be completed by the donor and/or the delivering Mutual Fund Company and faxed to the Foundation's Office of Treasury Services at (540) 231-7751.

If you have any questions, you may reach us at (540) 231-7094.