Lease Space

The foundation owns a number of properties containing leasable space and currently leases approximately 457,346 square feet of office space, 303,981 square feet of research/development space and 61,970 square feet of academic space to the university.

North End in Blacksburg, Virginia is a multipurpose property that provides leasable space to businesses in our community. Conveniently located across the street from Virginia Tech's main campus, it houses almost 79,000 square feet of space of which 40,000 is dedicated to the retail and restaurant industries, and the other 39,000 is dedicated to offices. To request information about leasing space at North End please contact the Virginia Tech Foundation's real estate office at (540) 231-2875.

The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia is another location that currently provides space over 160 different research, high technology and support companies within the park. The research center has a fixed commodity pricing structure for their leases, so companies know what their lease costs will be, leaving one less thing to worry about. If a company needs specific accommodations, such as research labs or meeting spaces, the center will work with the company to either make the renovations happen, or build their own building. To learn more, visit the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center website.

Tech Center at Oyster Point is a premier, mixed-use lifestyle center located in the heart of Newport News, VA. With its 250+ new apartment homes, 50,000 square feet of specialty office space and 260,000 square feet of shopping and restaurants. Tech Center is the ideal location to Live, Work and Play. To learn more about leasing opportunities, visit the Tech Center website