The Attachment A Form provides the necessary information to the foundation in order to transfer monies to the university for Sponsored Programs accounts. It is important to fully complete the Attachment A form by including the following information:

  1. Foundation fund number and name that is being used to fund the sponsored program
  2. Indicate if a new sponsored program fund is needed or if an amendment is being made to an existing Sponsored Programs Foundation fund
  3. Name of faculty member conducting the research (principal investigator) and brief description of research/program to be conducted.
  4. Funding amounts and duration of program with complete budget details
  5. Authorized signatures as indicated on the form

Sponsored Programs will assign a proposal number for new funds. If the Attachment A is an amendment, please indicate the proposal number in the designated area on the form.

Questions regarding this form can be addressed to the Foundation Accounting Office at 231-2858 or the Office of Sponsored Programs. A downloadable version of this form is also available.