Business Forms

The links below provide access to the Virginia Tech Foundation’s most commonly used business forms. When filling out forms, please make sure to read all relevant instructions since the foundation cannot process forms improperly submitted.

  • Asset Disposal
    Complete and forward this form prior to the disposal of any asset.
  • Asset Transfer
    Complete when moving property on the foundation's inventory (i.e. artwork, vintage property, livestock, etc.) to a different location.
  • Attachment A
    Complete when transferring money from a VTF fund to a Sponsored Program Fund.
  • Banner Access Request
    Complete when requesting access to view funds and transactions in VTF Banner Finance and to gain access to VTF Finance Web Reports
  • CD Purchase
    Complete to purchase a VTF Certificate of Deposit (minimum $10,000).
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
    Complete to have reimbursements paid via direct deposit.
  • Fund Termination Request
    Complete to terminate a VTF fund.
  • Gift in Kind
    Complete when depositing non-cash gifts (i.e. livestock, artwork, equipment, etc.).
  • Gift in Kind Checklist
    Complete when depositing non-cash gifts (i.e. livestock, artwork, equipment, etc.).
  • Gift Transmittal to Gift Accounting
    Complete when depositing cash and cash equivalent donations.
  • Income to Principal Transfer
    Complete to reinvest endowment income back into the endowment fund.
  • New/Change Fund Request
    Complete to establish a new VTF fund or to change attributes to an existing fund.
  • Other Income Deposit
    Complete when depositing non-gifts.
  • Purchase Order
    Not available for download - complete for purchases when the vendor requires a purchase order. Available in the VTF Accounting Office: 540-231-9736. VTF does not require PO’s they should be used only if vendor requires them.
  • Request for Funds Transfer
    Complete when requesting money be moved/transferred between VTF funds.
  • Request for Payment
    Complete when processing payments for goods and services. A Request for Payment form must accompany Purchase Order and Express Purchase Order forms submitted to the foundation for payment.
  • Scholarship Award Letter
    Not available for download. Scholarship awards are now made through Scholarship Central. If a department administrator has questions about using the system, they can contact the office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid at

  • Travel Services Authorization Form
    Complete to charge airfare to a VTF fund at one of the university's contracted travel agencies.

  • Travel Voucher Form
    Complete when processing reimbursements to an individual for travel expenses incurred.